Mi Alma Flamenca

Mi Alma Flamenca is a group of Bay Area flamenco artists that was initiated by dancers Hilit Maniv and Masako Yura.

Mi Alma Flamenca showcases the spirit of pure Andalusian flamenco with a touch of contemporary flare. The beautiful guitar and soulful singing of southern Spain accompany the rhythmic sounds of footwork, syncopated hand clapping, castanets, and passionate and powerful dance. This dynamic art form evokes a colorful and dramatic experience for all senses.

Hilit Maniv is a bay area based flamenco dancer/choreographer/instructor. She was born in Israel, mastered Flamenco in Spain and for the past few years lives in California and dances in the Bay area best venues with Flamenco's premiere artists such as: La Tania, Fanny Ara, Sol Flamenco Dance and many more. Hilit started her dance career as a contemporary dancer. After discovering flamenco, she traveled to Spain to polish her dance skills. Upon her return to Israel she danced leading roles in the Israeli Flamenco company “Ritmo” and established her own Flamenco troupe, “Cinco Palmas”, which performed across Israel. Hilit established and co owns one of the largest Flamenco schools in northern Israel - “Solo Flamenco Dance School"


Japan-born Dancer and Cajon player, Masako Numasaki Yura, was introduced to the world of Flamenco in New Orleans, and began studying under Teresa Romero Torkanowski and Solangel "Lali" Calix. Among her various achievements, Masako performed for the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festivals, the NBA half time show and in a number of live performance venues. Establishing herself as a Flamenco dancer, she traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico and Sevilla, Spain to enrich her technique by studying under internationally famous artists such as Mercedes Amaya, Pastra Galvan, Adella Campallo, Yolanda Heredia, and Pilar Ortega. After moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, Masako continues studying and performing with some of the finest artists on the scene, including Fanny Ara, Melissa Cruz, Caminos Flamencos, Misión Flamenca, Flamenco del Ore and Matiz Flamenco. Her passion and dedication for Flamenco drives her performances as she continues to strive to be one for the best.


Mi Alma Flamenca is available for live Cuadro style(small ensemble) and group performances, and can be booked for private engagements, festivals, theaters, schools and corporate events.

For booking information, please contact at:


Hilit Maniv:
Phone: (415) 609-8440
Web: www.hilitmaniv.com

Masako Numasaki Yura:
Phone: (504) 208-7030

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